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Website Design and development company in belgaum

Website designing is creating web pages for multipurpose reasons with creativity.Web designing is not only creating web pages it is a responsibility to web developer to create the site which has all these quality for the success of the site, which is as follows :-

✓ Quality content

The website must carry the quality content which attracts users to stay on the site which affects the popularity of the site.

✓ Easy accessibility

Create a site in a way that every people easily access the site and solve their query.

✓ Give a reason to users to come back on the site.
✓ Regular website update is also necessary.

As we know the world is developing most of all countries are in the race of switching from developing state to developed state. Countries are developing their trade to other countries; China is growing like anything just because of developing trade with different developed countries. With the development of the world, technology is also developing . Due to the development of technology people don't find time for anything. They want that everything should be done automatically, they don't want to give time to anything which consumes time. This is one purpose for which internet is becoming a great means of communication. It has given them flexibility but we know without any means communication is not possible. With the help of website a means of communication is provided to different people sitting in different parts of the world. They can talk and link with each other. They brought a term website. Website designing is a term used for presenting information to users in the more accessible way. It provides a communication path to all. For software development and website designing, there are many different tools in the market. Some examples are HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Jquery AngularJS, etc.

Digital Marketing Services in belgaum

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone’—well, this is the key to success in present times. Yes, digital marketing is the current trend. But what exactly it denotes? Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies that include internet, mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital medium. It has rose to great heights since 1999 and 2000 after which brands and businesses have changed their ways of utilizing technology for their marketing purposes. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly prevalent day by day and digital platforms are getting more and more incorporated into marketing plans. Digital devices have replaced all modes of physical shops and transactions.

Activities of Digital marketing can include

✓ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
✓ Search Engine marketing (SEM)
✓ Content Automation
✓ Social media marketing and optimization
✓ Campaign marketing and e-commerce
✓ E-mail direct marketing
✓ Youtube Marketing
✓ Adward Promotion
✓ Articles and Bookmarking Submission

Complete Ecommerce solution in belgaum

Vritika Technologies is a e-commerce web development company with focus on user-centered design to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our strategy for achievement helps clients in four phases;

I. Website design and Development

Initially we will develop clients website by conducting a research into related industry and target market with the aim of understanding what work and determining how it can be applied in meeting client requirements.

II. Search Engine Optimization

Upon successful design and development of the website we will move to the next phase which involves promoting the website by employing search engine optimization skills with larger focus on content management system.

III. Results Measurement

With the results on Google pages for popular keywords relevant to the clients products and services we provide exponential growth in traffic, we will then move on to the third phase which involves measuring the website performance by using Google analytics, heat maps and other efficient website monitoring tools. We generally measure bounce rates, website traffic, website visitors, geographic locations and conversion rates.

IV. Fine Tuning

After result measurements we will then fine tune the website in order to improve results. We determine what to fine tune by analyzing data obtained from the previous phases. Fine tuning can range from changing the order of the website menu items to changing fonts, tags, description, keywords, grammar, spellings etc.

Software development company in belgaum

I. Web Application

A Web application is a browser-based application program that is stored on a server and displayed over the Internet through a browser interface. Common web applications include; Online Retails Store, online auctions, messaging services and many other. Trending technologies will help you to explore your business products and services with our immense technology, we offer Online Store application, managed process applications for every industry, customized web applications and much more.

II. Why Customized Applications

We are expert in creating web applications which provide the highest level of scalability, usability and 360-degree compatibility on mobile devices, web browsers, and platforms. VTPL has a reputation for creating innovative customized web applications that exceed and meet client expectations. Each of our application modules is designed to fit a framework that is needful of performance, usability, security and reporting. Since every organization is unique with its own specific requirements and needs, we spend a significant amount of time trying to learn how the business models will works so we can offer innovative and unique features for the clients.

Mobile Application Development in Belgaum

Visual, Easy-to-use, Vigorous

Mobile applications created a new religion of mobile developers, boosting a revolution in the mobile phone and application era. It powered both mobile phones and tablets and a diversity of devices, which the hardware industrialists could easily use and customize. Mobile applications are available for Android platform, with billions applications downloaded from the Google Play Store. Every corporate or enterprise needs an advanced Android Applications for their clients, employees or associates. If you have a need for a kick-ass Android Application, Vritika Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is the right partner for you requirements.

We have developing a range of applications in various businesses in the industry, some of them include

  • Retail Industry
  • E-commerce and Shopping
  • Real Estate Applications
  • Travel, Hotels & Restaurant Applications
  • Education
  • Health, Fitness and Beauty

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    Bulk SMS service provider in belgaum

    Sending Bulk SMS or SMS Marketing has become a great marketing source in today's marketing strategies

    VTPL Bulk SMS Marketing has two differnt types which are transactional bulk SMS and Promotional bulk SMS and is used for direct marketing purposes. Here you can spread your brand, product or any offerings during festivals in a single click. You can send your clients new offers, new products or any events right away. Promotional SMS Marketing is used for Brand Promotion, Offers, Product Marketing, General Awareness, Occasions such as Birthdays, Class or School Reunions, Raksha Bandhan and/or any other Event Publicity.

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    Domain and Hosting services in belgaum

    Domain Registration

    VTPL will help you to find relevant domain registration of your business. Domain purchases or transfers will be taken care with providing secured information.

    Your business starts with a meaningful domain name. VTPL provides easy access to get the domain you want. We offer all major domain levels including; .COM, .IN, .CO.IN, .ORG, .NET and more..

    Hosting Services

    It's challenge to choose the right hosting services of your domain, website and email. It will take much time to find different solutions or services being offered, if you are eager to find genuine Hosting providers in your city that offers best price and quality of services.

    It includes; number website to be host, storage capacity, bandwidth, number of emails, backup & restore, security and more..

    Payment Gateway Integration Services in belgaum

    Payment gateway is an electronic platform which secures online payment processing.

    It’s a third party service with an online software platform and can accept, decline, validate or process the protected Debit card & Credit card operations between the seller and the customer. Payment gateway converts the information like card details so that the facts is transferred securely between the seller and the customer.

    We are providing shopping cart payment gateway Facilities like PayUMoney Integration, Paytm Integration, and CCAvenue Integration by using open source programming PHP. From VTPL, customer can choose their flexible Payment Gateway so that it can reach customers business objectives.

    We at Vritika Technologies Pvt. Ltd., provide best solution for Payment Gateway;

    ✓ PayUMoney
    ✓ CCAvenue
    ✓ Instamojo
    ✓ Paytm
    ✓ RazorPay


    For every industry reliable IT support service is important. VTPL specialist IT support team works across all the areas of IT. This service allows you to consolidate a comprehensive managed services into modern technologies. Modern IT environment becomes very complex with continuous updating trends. Manager with Business software such as business intelligence, accounts, payroll, Customer relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, transportation and much more.

    ✓ Database Management
    ✓ Centralized Database with web or desktop application
    ✓ Mobile database management
    ✓ Clear definition process of your product or services
    ✓ Proactive planning to build a technology in an organization